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One of the most beautiful bays in Dalmatia


Beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea, impressive underwater world, rich flora and fauna and strangely shaped rocks make Vruja one of the most beautiful bays in Dalmatia. It is an ideal bay for those who want to enjoy the unspoiled nature. 

Perfect bathing oasis

Two large beaches and several smaller represent the perfect bathing oasis where you can always find a spot for yourself and enjoy the relaxing swimming and sunbathing. Because of the frequent strong winds that blow in the evening and the spring of the Cetina river water is crystal clear and refreshing. Underwater of Vruja bay hides many surprises, from various kinds of fish and other marine inhabitants to the impressive coral and rocks beneath the surface. Vruja bay is the habitat of numerous gulls which find safe haven there, with diverse Mediterranean vegetation, this bay provides specific relaxing scent. Vruja bay takes the form of half of a volcano dominated by impressive rock forms which makes it extremely attractive. Vruja bay is located 9 km from the Apartments Bosiljka in the direction of Makarska. The bay can be reached by walking paths. One trail starts on the main coastal road, on the west side of the bay, while the other path goes east and you come from the direction of Brela. There is also a possibility of arriving by sea.

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