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A taste of Dalmatia

The climate of Dalmatia gives you the opportunity to taste all those indigenous flavours and provide your taste buds with an unforgettable experience and a better understanding of the new flavours. Gastronomy in Dalmatia is based on the traditional values ​​that have always strived for simplicity and a healthy lifestyle. Dalmatian cuisine is based on seafood (fish, crustaceans, molluscs and cephalopods) and vegetables, but also various kinds of meat. Dalmatian olive oil is an essential ingredient of most dishes, especially traditional dishes on the coast. Some of the most famous dishes are grilled fish, dishes under the lid, Dalmatian smoked ham, fish soup with rice, risotto, fish stew, Pašticada (Dalmatian beef stew), flan, fritters, soparnik (Dalmatian swiss chard pie) and many others.


Some of these dishes you can try in the taverns that we can recommend, such as Emperors Palace in Mimice, The Flintstones in Svinisce and Farmhouse in Gata.

Carevi Dvori, Mimice


The cosy atmosphere of the tavern which is located in the old village of Mimice located about 600 meters from the Apartments Bosiljka is the perfect place for dinner. They offer several types of fish, smoked ham and cheese, and local white and red wine, brandy and fruit juices. Prices are very affordable with hospitable and friendly service by family Mimica.

Kremenko, Svinisce


An interesting and unusual restaurant in a small place called Svinišće, 17 km from the Apartments Bosiljka. You will be delighted by the charm, gastronomic delights and interior décor reminiscent of prehistoric times, reminiscent of the cartoon The Flintstones.

Seljacka kuca, Gata


Authentic Dalmatian tavern located 17 km from the Apartments Bosiljka is a true gastronomic attraction. In addition to tasting local dishes made ​​according to traditional recipes, you can buy authentic souvenirs of the area and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. Our recommendation is that when in Gata with the exception of tavern Farmhouse you visit the museum Poljica, it offers a number of interesting exhibits that are reminiscent of the days of old Poljica autonomy. 

Dalmatian wines, olive oil and honey

Dalmatian wines


The tradition of wine growing in Dalmatia, dating back to the time of the Greeks and Romans who were in Dalmatia and planted the first vineyards. The whole history of Dalmatia is closely related to the cultivation of grapes and producing wine. The quality of the wine is supported by favourable climatic conditions in Dalmatia. Some of the most popular varieties of red wines Plavac mali, Dingač,  Postup and Babic, while the white wines Posip, Vugava, Bogdanuša and Kujundzusa. Among other alcoholic beverages in Dalmatia, you have to try walnut liqueur, figs and Dalmatian grappa. Dalmatian wines and their alcoholic drinks can be bought from local producers in the Medici, Mimice and surrounding areas.

Dalmatian olive oil


Dalmatian olive oil is one of the finest in the world. In Dalmatia, it is used daily for food preparation, but also in medical and cosmetic purposes, particularly in recent times because they recognize its beneficial effects. Dalmatian olive oil can be bought from local producers in the Medici, Mimice and surrounding areas. 

Dalmatian Honey


The rich flora of Dalmatia makes a great area for the production of honey. In Mimice you can buy sterling honey and various other products made ​​of honey in the family beekeeping business "Damir Tafra".

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