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Trogir - The best preserved Romanesque-Gothic complex in Central Europe

Klis Fortress - One of the most notable fortress on the Croatian soil

Red and Blue lake - Truly a phenomenon of limestone area

Podstrana ( KingArtur ) - Legend of king Artur

Zadvarje ( Fair) - Cattle and merchandise fair

Island of Brac - Ideal island for day trip



The best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic complex in Central Europe. Trogir is located 57 km from the Apartments Bosiljka. The old city is located on a small island that is connected with the mainland by a bridge. Since 1997 the old town centre is put on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Of all the attractions in Trogir, you absolutely must see the historic town centre, the fortress Kamerlengo, town gate and walls, cathedral door (work of  Radovan), ducal palace, the city porch, and large and small palace Ćipiko.

Podstrana - King Arthur


It is speculated that the legendary King Arthur spent a part of his life in Podstrana, and is reportedly buried there. Theories are based on Lucius Artorius Castus, who was a  commander from the time of ancient Rome. Some British historians believe that in fact, Artorius is the King Arthur and that he is buried there. In Podstrana was found Artorusovog sarcophagus, and also the tombstone  monument of the last Roman Emperor Justinian, who is now relocated in old Podstrana. It is believed that the foundation for Podstrana was set by the Greek settlers, and later in that area until the 7th century, was a Roman settlement Pituntium. This historical site is located 27 km from the Apartments Bosiljka, and apart from the legend of King Arthur, it is possible to see the beautiful old village.



One of the most notable fortress on the Croatian soil and is situated 43 km from the Apartments Bosiljka. The fortress was first time mentioned in the 10th century. The greatest significance of the fortress was during penetration of the Turks in the Croatian regions. In the first half of the 16th century, Klis was captured by the Turkish army. Today, the fortress is a tourist attraction that offers an impressive view of Split and the surrounding places.

Zadvarje - fair


Cattle and merchandise fair gives the attractiveness of a town situated 17 km from the Apartments Bosiljka, which is held every Tuesday for more than two centuries. It is the only event of that kind in Dalmatia, which attracts a host of suppliers and retailers, large and small livestock, farmers, food producers and exhibitors of different subjects. Most visitors arrive on the  24th and 25th of August when is a celebration of protector Zadvarja, St. Bartol and on the  12th and 13th of June on the eve of the feast of St. Ante. In that  days Zadvarje visit more than 2000 people. When you visit Zadvarje, you must try the local lamb which is of excellent quality.

Red and Blue lake


The lakes are located near the town of Imotski 45 km away from the Apartments Bosiljka. Red Lake is truly a phenomenon of the limestone area. The depth of the lake during high water exceeds 320 meters. Blue Lake is a popular promenade and bathing spot.The depth of the lake varies, so that in the springtime it can be almost 100 meters deep, and in the late fall completely dry. Both lakes are the attraction that you simply must visit.

Island of Brac


A beautiful island that is very accessible for a day trip. We will point out the location of Bol, which is known worldwide for specific Zlatni Rat beach. Places on the island of Brac are built from the famous Brac stone, which gives them a special attractiveness. On Brac you can arrive via ferry from Split and Makarska and tourist boats from Makarska, Omis and Mimice.

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