Medici - Omis riviera, Dalmatia

Do you want total relaxation, numerous pebble beaches, crystal clear sea, aromatic Mediterranean plants, authentic food and drinks them you have to visit Medici. This place will make your daydreams turn into an unforgettable experience. Is located on the coast, close to many attractions, making an excellent starting point for the full experience of Dalmatia.

Paradise for swimming and sunbathing

Medici - Omis riviera, Dalmatia

Along the coast, there are numerous pebble beaches that give special attractiveness to Medici and make it a paradise for swimming and sunbathing. On the there is a bar called Mali (small) port that is completely immersed in the environment and is a great place for that first cup of coffee and a day of relaxation. With some luck, here you can see dolphins who come occasionally to feed on small fish.

Medici old village

Medici - Omis riviera, Dalmatia

The first house in Medici was built in 1827 and is still preserved. Is located in the old part of the village where you can see Medici what they once were. Above the old village, there are numerous olive groves and vineyards that you can visit and enjoy a stroll along with the panoramic view of this magnificent village.

Shipwreck Metkovic

Shipwreck Metkovic, Medici - Omis riviera, Dalmatia

Only two hundred meters from the Apartments Bosiljka is the sunken ship called Metkovic which is at a depth of two to twelve meters, so all you need to explore it is an ordinary diving mask.


Mimice - Omis Riviera

Near Medici are Mimice, where you can find a supermarket, stand with fruits and vegetables, post office, exchange office, gift shop and several restaurants and bars. Our recommendation is an authentic tavern called "Carevi Dvori". In Mimice you can visit the old village and enjoy the many stone sculptures all over the place. Over the summer, several times a week in the morning, tourist boat drive from the port in Mimice on a half-day trip to the island of Brac. Above Mimica is a starting point for a hike to the mountain Omis Dinara and one of its highest peaks. The trail to the top Kosmatica is marked and maintained.