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If you dreaming about amazing beautiful beaches, relaxing pace, crystal clear sea, various aromatic Mediterranean fragrances, traditional and authentic seafood and drinks, then the small coastal village of Medici is just what you need. Our little village will make your daydreams turn into reality and an unforgettable experience.

Considering the great location of our small coastal village, it is an excellent starting point for exploring and fully experience beautiful Dalmatia.

Paradise for swimming and sunbathing

Medici - Omis riviera, Dalmatia

Along the coast, there are numerous beautiful pebble beaches that you can enjoy. They are, in fact, a real piece of paradise for enjoying swimming and sunbathing. Also, there is a nearby small Dalmatian cafe called Mali Porat where you can enjoy your first coffee, tea or if you are just looking for a break from the sun during the long beautiful and sunny days in Medici. With some luck, you could also enjoy the game of dolphins who occasionally visit our little village.

Medici old village

Medici - Omis riviera, Dalmatia

Medici have their own history and it is very visible in our little village. The first house in Medici was built in 1827, it is still preserved and is located in the old part of the village. As we said, our little village offers more than just the sea and the sun, it is enough to just walk through the old part and see what the Medici looked like in the past.

Above our village there are olive groves and vineyards, if you decide to take a walk, you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of Medici.

Shipwreck Metkovic

Shipwreck Metkovic, Medici - Omis riviera, Dalmatia

If you are interested in snorkelling, then you will surely want to explore a sunken ship named Metkovic, which is only 200 meters away from our apartments. The ship is located at a depth of 2 to 12 meters so it is enough to take a mask and dive. We are sure you will find it interesting to explore.


Mimice - Omis Riviera

Near Medici there is a slightly larger town Mimice. It has a supermarket, a stand with fresh fruits and vegetables, a post office, an exchange office, a souvenir shop and several restaurants and bars. We would recommend the tavern Carevi Dvori if you want to try authentic Dalmatian cuisine.


Just like Medici, Mimice offers various attractions, including the old village and stone sculptures that are located throughout the place and make this place interesting for exploration and photography.


If, after those beautiful views offered by our apartments, you are interested in exploring the island of Brac, tourist boats go from Mimice several times a week offering day trips to the island of Brac. The island of Brac offers various interesting things, so if you are willing to explore, it is definitely a good idea.


If you are a little more daring, above Mimice is the starting trail for hiking on the mountain Omiska Dinara and to one of its highest peaks. The trail leading to one of them, Kosmatica peaks, is marked and maintained which makes it a great choice if you want to spend a day surrounded by nature.

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