Omis - Dalmatia

Old pirates city, Festival of the Dalmatian a capella singing groups, river Cetina...

Between the large Dalmatian cities of Split and Makarska, on the Adriatic coast and the mouth of the river Cetina is located a unique town of Omis. Above the town are mountains Omis Dinara, Babnjača and Mosor which with Cetina river making a perfect natural beauty breathtaking. The beautiful town of Omis is the largest city of Omis Riviera, located 10 km from the Apartments Bosiljka, where you can spend a perfect day walking through the narrow Dalmatian streets and rest in one of many restaurants and cafes. Unavoidable location here is two pirate fortresses, Cetina canyon, the church of St. Peter from 10th century, large town sandy beach and numerous other surprises that will thrill you when you visit this city. 



Klape - a traditional a capella singing

Omis is widely known for the biggest festival of traditional a capella singing, which each year in the summertime brings together the best vocal groups and gives the city a special charm celebrated in songs. The more recent event is the most popular pirate battle. This is a reconstruction of the battle of the 13th century in which the Omis pirates clashed with the Venetians. The event annually attracts more than 10,000 spectators. Town also offers you the possibility of active rest in the form of rafting and kayaking, hiking, biking, paragliding and a zipline. As of 1963 Cetina canyon has the status of a protected landscape. It is an ideal place for vacation and spending time outdoors. In this area, there are two local restaurants Radman's mills and Kaštil Slanica. Omis is today the perfect place to relax and get to know the unique Dalmatia, but in the past town was a town of cruel and ruthless pirates that guarded Croatian coast.





Omis pirates

In the 11th century, Omis was a city that disturbed maritime communications that took place between Venice and Constantinople. Reaping the full tribute and plundering ships for Omis were the main income, because at that time piracy was a legitimate way of doing business. Moreover, piracy also had its positive side, and that is courage, fearlessness, invincibility at sea and exceptional creativity in the shipbuilding industry, and as the greatest positivity emphasize  the Omis pirates protected Croatia's Adriatic coast. A reminder of that period of pirates are now two fortresses, pirates evenings and many other events that ilustrate more clearly this an essential part of town history. Fortress Mirabella is located above the old town and can be reached by stairs that are located next to the church of st. Michael in the old part of Omis. A ticket for this exceptional view of the impressive fortress costs 15 kuna. Starigrad fortress is a unique experience because of the impressive views of the entire Omis and the islands of Brac, Hvar and Solta. The fortress was used as a shelter in the case the city was conquered. It is an hour of walking distance to come from Omis to the fortress.