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Old pirates city, Festival of the Dalmatian a capella singing groups, river Cetina...

Not many towns in the world count their history in thousands of years, but the town of Omis is one of them!

The mouth of the Cetina river was first permanently inhabited in ancient times, more than 2000 years ago, and historians believe that the origins of the present-day Omis are to be found in the small settlement of Oneum, which lay at the very foot  of the impressive mountain guarding the town from the north – Omiska Dinara. Over the centuries the local people started building their houses closer to the sea, and for a very good reason. The inhabitants of medieval Omis were, as a matter of fact, pirates!


The town of Omis is located just 10 km from our apartments and it is a great choice to spend a day and explore it to the fullest.


If you are more interested in an active holiday you should visit Cetina canyon because if offers you a lot of outdoor activities.


The greatest opportunities for an active holiday are provided precisely by the unspoiled nature of the Cetina canyon, which has enjoyed the status of protected significant landscape ever since 1963. Along its more than a 100 kilometers long course, the Cetina river has something to offer to all. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you won’t skip Zipline, canyoning, kayaking or rafting – but if, on the other hand, adrenaline isn’t your thing, there’s no reason to worry – long walks by the river, sightseeing river boat tours or pure, spontaneous enjoyment of the scenery will definitely be a reward in themselves.



Klape - a traditional a capella singing

Numerous tourists and Omis-lovers will tell you that July is the month when you’ll see Omis at its best and will be able to get the true spirit of the town. One of the most important reasons for this is by all means the famous Festival of the Dalmatian klapa, that during warm summer nights of July fills the squares and narrow alleyways of the old town with pleasant sounds of authentic Dalmatian klapa music (UNESCO heritage), which remains the first thing many of its visitors remember when thinking of the town on the Cetina estuary. The festival takes place annually ever since 1967 and has over the years become the central event in the world of klapa music.


 But that is not all that Omis is offering! There are many more interesting places to see but we were focused on the few most popular among tourists.


Just above the roofs of the old town, as a permanent reminder of the glorious pirate history, stands one of the most famous Omis landmarks – the fortress of Mirabela.



If you are spending more than a day in Omis, a short climb up to the Fortica fortress is something you should by no means miss. A well-marked path leading from the very centre of town will take even the ones not exactly in top form up to the fortress in less than an hour, and once there, you’ll be richly rewarded for  your efforts  by one of the most magnificent views in all of Dalmatia.



Church of St Peter on the Western bank of the Cetina, in the part of town called Priko. Due to its well-preserved condition and architectural features the Church of St. Peter (10th century) is considered to be one of the most important examples of Early Croatian Pre-Romanesque sacral architecture, and it was first mentioned in 1074, during the rule of King Slavac.

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